Stroke, Lacunar

Lakunär stroke

Engelsk definition

Stroke caused by lacunar infarction or other small vessel diseases of the brain. It features hemiparesis (see PARESIS), hemisensory, or hemisensory motor loss.

Svenska synonymer

Lakunärt slaganfall Lukanär infarkt

Engelska synonymer

Lacunar Stroke Lacunar Strokes Strokes, Lacunar Lacunar Syndrome Lacunar Syndromes Syndrome, Lacunar Syndromes, Lacunar Infarction, Lacunar Infarctions, Lacunar Lacunar Infarction Lacunar Infarctions Infarct, Lacunar Infarcts, Lacunar Lacunar Infarct Lacunar Infarcts