Receptors, Enterotoxin


Engelsk definition

Guanylate cyclase-coupled receptors that bind bacterial ENTEROTOXINS, as well as the endogenous peptides guanylin and uroguanylin. Ligand binding stimulates production of CYCLIC GMP by EPITHELIAL CELLS of the intestinal lumen, altering barrier permeability and mucus secretion. Mutations in the gene (GUCY2C) encoding this receptor are associated with some cases of hereditary diarrhea (Diarrhea 6) and MECONIUM ILEUS.

Svenska synonymer

Inga svenska synonymer finns.

Engelska synonymer

GC-C Receptor GC C Receptor Receptor, GC-C Enterotoxin Receptors Enterotoxin-Guanylin Receptor Enterotoxin Guanylin Receptor Receptor, Enterotoxin-Guanylin Guanyl Cyclase-C Receptor Guanyl Cyclase C Receptor Guanylin-Uroguanylin Receptor Guanylin Uroguanylin Receptor Receptor, Guanylin-Uroguanylin Guanylyl Cyclase C Cyclase C, Guanylyl Heat-Stable Enterotoxin Receptor Enterotoxin Receptor, Heat-Stable Heat Stable Enterotoxin Receptor Receptor, Heat-Stable Enterotoxin Receptor, Enterotoxin Receptor, Guanyl Cyclase-C Receptor, Guanyl Cyclase C Enterotoxin-Guanylin Receptors Enterotoxin Guanylin Receptors Receptors, Enterotoxin-Guanylin GC-C Receptors GC C Receptors Receptors, GC-C Guanyl Cyclase-C Receptors Cyclase-C Receptors, Guanyl Guanyl Cyclase C Receptors Guanylin-Uroguanylin Receptors Guanylin Uroguanylin Receptors Receptors, Guanylin-Uroguanylin Heat-Stable Enterotoxin Receptors Enterotoxin Receptors, Heat-Stable Heat Stable Enterotoxin Receptors Receptors, Heat-Stable Enterotoxin Receptors, Guanyl Cyclase-C Receptors, Guanyl Cyclase C Enterotoxin Receptor