Receptors, Guanylate Cyclase-Coupled


Engelsk definition

A class of cellular membrane receptors that either have an intrinsic guanylate cyclase activity or are closely coupled to specific guanylate cyclases within the cell.

Svenska synonymer

Inga svenska synonymer finns.

Engelska synonymer

Cyclase-Coupled Receptors, Guanylate Receptors, Guanylate Cyclase Coupled Guanylyl Cyclase-Linked Receptors Cyclase-Linked Receptors, Guanylyl Guanylyl Cyclase Linked Receptors Receptors, Guanylyl Cyclase-Linked Guanylate Cyclase-Coupled Receptors Guanylate Cyclase Coupled Receptors Guanylyl Cyclase Receptors Cyclase Receptors, Guanylyl Receptors, Guanylyl Cyclase