Kidney Diseases, Cystic

Cystisk njursjukdom

Svensk definition

En njure med en eller flera cystor.

Engelsk definition

A heterogeneous group of hereditary and acquired disorders in which the KIDNEY contains one or more CYSTS unilaterally or bilaterally (KIDNEY, CYSTIC).

Svenska synonymer


Engelska synonymer

Cystic Kidney Disease Disease, Cystic Kidney Diseases, Cystic Kidney Kidney Disease, Cystic Cystic Kidney Diseases Cystic Renal Diseases Cystic Renal Disease Disease, Cystic Renal Diseases, Cystic Renal Renal Disease, Cystic Renal Diseases, Cystic Kidney, Cystic Cystic Kidney Cystic Kidneys Kidneys, Cystic