Svensk definition

Bristande koordination. Termen avser vanligen bristande samordning av muskelrörelser, men kan också avse en viss typ av talrubbning.

Engelsk definition

Impairment of the ability to perform smoothly coordinated voluntary movements. This condition may affect the limbs, trunk, eyes, pharynx, larynx, and other structures. Ataxia may result from impaired sensory or motor function. Sensory ataxia may result from posterior column injury or PERIPHERAL NERVE DISEASES. Motor ataxia may be associated with CEREBELLAR DISEASES; CEREBRAL CORTEX diseases; THALAMIC DISEASES; BASAL GANGLIA DISEASES; injury to the RED NUCLEUS; and other conditions.

Svenska synonymer

Inga svenska synonymer finns.

Engelska synonymer

Ataxias Coordination Impairment Coordination Impairments Impairment, Coordination Impairments, Coordination Dyssynergia Ataxy Ataxia, Motor Ataxias, Motor Motor Ataxia Motor Ataxias Tremor, Rubral Rubral Tremor Rubral Tremors Tremors, Rubral Ataxia, Truncal Ataxias, Truncal Truncal Ataxia Truncal Ataxias Dyscoordination Lack of Coordination Coordination Lack Incoordination Incoordinations Ataxia, Appendicular Appendicular Ataxia Appendicular Ataxias Ataxias, Appendicular Ataxia, Limb Ataxias, Limb Limb Ataxia Limb Ataxias Ataxia, Sensory Ataxias, Sensory Sensory Ataxia Sensory Ataxias