Engelsk definition

Impaired ability in numerical concepts. These inabilities arise as a result of primary neurological lesion, are syndromic (e.g., GERSTMANN SYNDROME ) or acquired due to brain damage.

Svenska synonymer

Räknesvårigheter Förvärvad dyskalkyli Sekundär akalkuli Primär dyskalkyli

Engelska synonymer

Dyscalculias Acalculia Acalculias Acquired Dyscalculia Acquired Dyscalculias Dyscalculia, Acquired Dyscalculias, Acquired Secondary Acalculia Acalculia, Secondary Acalculias, Secondary Secondary Acalculias Developmental Dyscalculia Developmental Dyscalculias Dyscalculia, Developmental Dyscalculias, Developmental Primary Dyscalculia Dyscalculia, Primary Dyscalculias, Primary Primary Dyscalculias