Engelsk definition

An antilipemic fungal metabolite isolated from cultures of Nocardia autotrophica. It acts as a competitive inhibitor of HMG CoA reductase (HYDROXYMETHYLGLUTARYL COA REDUCTASES).

Svenska synonymer

Pravachol Pravastatinnatrium

Engelska synonymer

Eptastatin Vasten CS-514 CS 514 CS514 Lin-Pravastatin Lin Pravastatin Lipemol Liplat Nu-Pravastatin Nu Pravastatin Prareduct Mevalotin Pravachol Elisor Selektine Lipostat Pravacol Pravasin Pravastatin Monosodium Salt, (6 beta)-Isomer Pravastatin Sodium Pravastatin Sodium Salt Sodium Salt, Pravastatin Pravastatin tert-Octylamine Salt Pravastatin tert Octylamine Salt Pravastatin, (6 beta)-Isomer RMS-431 RMS 431 RMS431 SQ-31000 SQ 31000 SQ31000 SQ-31,000 SQ 31,000 SQ31,000 Apo-Pravastatin Apo Pravastatin Bristacol