Shwartzman Phenomenon

Shwartzmans fenomenon

Engelsk definition

Hemorrhagic necrosis that was first demonstrated in rabbits with a two-step reaction, an initial local (intradermal) or general (intravenous) injection of a priming endotoxin (ENDOTOXINS) followed by a second intravenous endotoxin injection (provoking agent) 24 h later. The acute inflammation damages the small blood vessels. The following intravascular coagulation leads to capillary and venous THROMBOSIS and NECROSIS. Shwartzman phenomenon can also occur in other species with a single injection of a provoking agent, and during infections or pregnancy. Its susceptibility depends on the status of IMMUNE SYSTEM, coagulation, FIBRINOLYSIS, and blood flow.

Svenska synonymer

Inga svenska synonymer finns.

Engelska synonymer

Phenomenon, Shwartzman Schwartzman Reaction Schwartzman Reactions Shwartzman Reaction Schwartzman Phenomenon Phenomenon, Schwartzman