Chemical Phenomena

Kemiska fenomen

Engelsk definition

The composition, structure, conformation, and properties of atoms and molecules, and their reaction and interaction processes.

Svenska synonymer

Fenomen inom fysikalisk kemi Kemiska processer Processer inom fysikalisk kemi Kemiska koncept Fysiokemiska fenomen Fysiokemiska koncept Fysiokemiska processer

Engelska synonymer

Phenomena, Chemical Chemical Phenomenon Phenomenon, Chemical Chemical Concepts Chemical Concept Concept, Chemical Concepts, Chemical Physicochemical Phenomena Phenomena, Physicochemical Physicochemical Concepts Concept, Physicochemical Concepts, Physicochemical Physicochemical Concept Physical Chemistry Phenomena Phenomena, Physical Chemistry Physicochemical Phenomenon Phenomenon, Physicochemical Physical Chemistry Concepts Concept, Physical Chemistry Concepts, Physical Chemistry Physical Chemistry Concept Physicochemical Processes Processes, Physicochemical Physicochemical Process Process, Physicochemical Physical Chemistry Processes Chemistry Processes, Physical Processes, Physical Chemistry Physical Chemistry Process Chemistry Process, Physical Process, Physical Chemistry Chemical Processes Processes, Chemical Chemical Process Process, Chemical