Anti-Mullerian Hormone

Anti-Mylleriskt hormon

Engelsk definition

A glycoprotein that causes regression of MULLERIAN DUCTS. It is produced by SERTOLI CELLS of the TESTES. In the absence of this hormone, the Mullerian ducts develop into structures of the female reproductive tract. In males, defects of this hormone result in persistent Mullerian duct, a form of MALE PSEUDOHERMAPHRODITISM.

Svenska synonymer


Engelska synonymer

Anti Mullerian Hormone Mullerian-Inhibiting Factor Mullerian Inhibiting Factor Anti-Mullerian Factor Anti Mullerian Factor Mullerian-Inhibitory Substance Mullerian Inhibitory Substance Mullerian Inhibiting Hormone Mullerian Inhibiting Substance Mullerian Regression Factor Mullerian-Inhibiting Hormone Anti-Muellerian Hormone Anti Muellerian Hormone Hormone, Anti-Muellerian Antimullerian Hormone