beta 2-Glycoprotein I

beta 2-glykoprotein I

Engelsk definition

A 44-kDa highly glycosylated plasma protein that binds phospholipids including CARDIOLIPIN; APOLIPOPROTEIN E RECEPTOR; membrane phospholipids, and other anionic phospholipid-containing moieties. It plays a role in coagulation and apoptotic processes. Formerly known as apolipoprotein H, it is an autoantigen in patients with ANTIPHOSPHOLIPID ANTIBODIES.

Svenska synonymer

Apo H

Engelska synonymer

beta 2 Glycoprotein I Apo H Endothelial Cell-Viability Maintaining Factor Endothelial Cell Viability Maintaining Factor beta(2)GPI beta2-Glycoprotein I beta2 Glycoprotein I EC-VMFa EC VMFa Anticardiolipin Cofactor Cofactor, Anticardiolipin Apolipoprotein H