Reflex, Abnormal

Onormal reflex

Engelsk definition

An abnormal response to a stimulus applied to the sensory components of the nervous system. This may take the form of increased, decreased, or absent reflexes.

Svenska synonymer

Reflex, onormal

Engelska synonymer

Reflexes, Abnormal Abnormal Reflex Abnormal Reflexes Reflex, Triceps, Absent Reflex, Ankle, Decreased Reflex, Biceps, Abnormal Reflex, Biceps, Absent Reflex, Biceps, Decreased Reflex, Anal, Decreased Reflex, Ankle, Abnormal Abnormal Deep Tendon Reflex Reflex, Deep Tendon, Abnormal Bulbocavernosus Reflex, Decreased Decreased Bulbocavernosus Reflex Reflex, Decreased Bulbocavernosus Bulbocavernousus Reflex Absent Reflex Absent, Bulbocavernousus Hoffman's Reflex Reflex, Hoffman's Hyperreflexia Hyporeflexia Reflex, Decreased Decreased Reflex Palmo-Mental Reflex Palmo Mental Reflex Reflex, Palmo-Mental Reflex, Absent Absent Reflex Reflex, Acoustic, Abnormal Reflex, Anal, Absent Reflex, Corneal, Absent Reflex, Corneal, Decreased Reflex, Deep Tendon, Absent Reflex, Gag, Absent Reflex, Gag, Decreased Reflex, Knee, Abnormal Reflex, Knee, Decreased Reflex, Moro, Asymmetric Reflex, Pendular Pendular Reflex Reflex, Triceps, Abnormal Reflex, Triceps, Decreased Reflex, Ankle, Absent