Svensk definition

Förlorad förmåga att namnge eller finna ord för föremål.

Engelsk definition

A language dysfunction characterized by the inability to name people and objects that are correctly perceived. The individual is able to describe the object in question, but cannot provide the name. This condition is associated with lesions of the dominant hemisphere involving the language areas, in particular the TEMPORAL LOBE. (From Adams et al., Principles of Neurology, 6th ed, p484)

Svenska synonymer

Anomi Minnesafasi

Engelska synonymer

Aphasia, Amnesic Amnesic Aphasia Nominal Dysphasia Dysphasia, Nominal Dysphasias, Nominal Nominal Dysphasias Aphasia, Nominal Nominal Aphasia Dysnomia Dysnomias Anomic Dysphasia Anomic Dysphasias Dysphasia, Anomic Dysphasias, Anomic Aphasia, Anomic Anomic Aphasia Color Anomia Anomia, Color Anomias, Color Color Anomias