Temporal Lobe


Engelsk definition

Lower lateral part of the cerebral hemisphere responsible for auditory, olfactory, and semantic processing. It is located inferior to the lateral fissure and anterior to the OCCIPITAL LOBE.

Svenska synonymer

Temporallob Tinninglobsplattan

Engelska synonymer

Lobe, Temporal Lobes, Temporal Temporal Lobes Temporal Region Region, Temporal Regions, Temporal Temporal Regions Temporal Cortex Cortex, Temporal Cortices, Temporal Temporal Cortices Inferior Horn of the Lateral Ventricle Temporal Horn Horn, Temporal Horns, Temporal Temporal Horns Inferior Horn of Lateral Ventricle Temporal Horn of the Lateral Ventricle Planum Polare Planum Polares Polare, Planum Polares, Planum Temporal Sulcus Sulcus, Temporal Superior Temporal Gyrus Gyrus, Superior Temporal Temporal Gyrus, Superior Gyrus Temporalis Superior Gyrus Temporalis Superiors Superior, Gyrus Temporalis Superiors, Gyrus Temporalis Temporalis Superior, Gyrus Temporalis Superiors, Gyrus Temporal Gyrus Gyrus, Temporal Temporal Operculum Operculum, Temporal Operculums, Temporal Temporal Operculums Fusiform Gyrus Gyrus, Fusiform Lateral Occipito-Temporal Gyrus Gyrus, Lateral Occipito-Temporal Lateral Occipito Temporal Gyrus Occipito-Temporal Gyrus, Lateral Lateral Occipitotemporal Gyrus Gyrus, Lateral Occipitotemporal Occipitotemporal Gyrus, Lateral Occipitotemporal Gyrus Gyrus, Occipitotemporal Gyrus Fusiformis Fusiformi, Gyrus Fusiformis, Gyrus Gyrus Fusiformi