Serine Peptidase Inhibitor Kazal-Type 5

Engelsk definition

A secreted serine peptidase inhibitor that consists of 15 KAZAL MOTIFS and inhibits KALLIKREINS KLK5, KLK7, and KLK14 as well as TRYPSIN. It plays important roles in protecting MUCOSA against infection and inflammation, and in maintaining the integrity of the skin. Mutations in the SPINK5 gene are associated with NETHERTON SYNDROME.

Svenska synonymer

Inga svenska synonymer finns.

Engelska synonymer

Serine Peptidase Inhibitor Kazal Type 5 LEKTI Protein SPINK5 Protein Serine Protease Inhibitor Kazal-Type 5 Serine Protease Inhibitor Kazal Type 5 Lympho-Epithelial Kazal-Type Inhibitor Inhibitor, Lympho-Epithelial Kazal-Type Kazal-Type Inhibitor, Lympho-Epithelial Lympho Epithelial Kazal Type Inhibitor