Receptors, Pancreatic Hormone


Engelsk definition

Cell surface proteins that bind pancreatic hormones with high affinity and trigger intracellular changes which influence the behavior of cells. These include receptors for glucagon (secreted by alpha cells), insulin (secreted by beta cells), somatostatin (secreted by delta cells), and pancreatic peptide (secreted by PP cells). Some of these hormones and receptors also support neurotransmission.

Svenska synonymer

Receptorer, pankreashormon

Engelska synonymer

Pancreatic Hormone Receptors Hormone Receptors, Pancreatic Pancreatic Hormone Receptor Hormone Receptor, Pancreatic Receptor, Pancreatic Hormone Receptors, Pancreatic Hormones Hormones Receptors, Pancreatic Pancreatic Hormones Receptors