Substrate Cycling


Engelsk definition

A set of opposing, nonequilibrium reactions catalyzed by different enzymes which act simultaneously, with at least one of the reactions driven by ATP hydrolysis. The results of the cycle are that ATP energy is depleted, heat is produced and no net substrate-to-product conversion is achieved. Examples of substrate cycling are cycling of gluconeogenesis and glycolysis pathways and cycling of the triglycerides and fatty acid pathways. Rates of substrate cycling may be increased many-fold in association with hypermetabolic states resulting from severe burns, cold exposure, hyperthyroidism, or acute exercise.

Svenska synonymer

Inga svenska synonymer finns.

Engelska synonymer

Cycling, Substrate Cyclings, Substrate Substrate Cyclings Futile Cycles Cycle, Futile Cycles, Futile Futile Cycle Futile Substrate Cycles Cycle, Futile Substrate Cycles, Futile Substrate Futile Substrate Cycle Substrate Cycle, Futile Substrate Cycles, Futile Futile Cycling Cycling, Futile Cyclings, Futile Futile Cyclings Futile Substrate Cycling Cycling, Futile Substrate Cyclings, Futile Substrate Futile Substrate Cyclings Substrate Cycling, Futile Substrate Cyclings, Futile