Urogenital Neoplasms

Urogenitala tumörer

Engelsk definition

Tumors or cancer of the UROGENITAL SYSTEM in either the male or the female.

Svenska synonymer

Urogenital cancer

Engelska synonymer

Neoplasm, Urogenital Urogenital Neoplasm Neoplasms, Urogenital Genito-urinary Neoplasm Genito-urinary Neoplasms Neoplasm, Genito-urinary Neoplasms, Genito-urinary Genitourinary Neoplasms Genitourinary Neoplasm Neoplasm, Genitourinary Neoplasms, Genitourinary Genitourinary Cancer Cancer, Genitourinary Cancers, Genitourinary Genitourinary Cancers Genito-urinary Cancer Cancer, Genito-urinary Cancers, Genito-urinary Genito urinary Cancer Genito-urinary Cancers Urogenital Cancer Cancer, Urogenital Cancers, Urogenital Urogenital Cancers