Receptors, Virus


Engelsk definition

Specific molecular components of the cell capable of recognizing and interacting with a virus, and which, after binding it, are capable of generating some signal that initiates the chain of events leading to the biological response.

Svenska synonymer

Receptorer, virus Fagreceptorer Receptorer, bakteriofag

Engelska synonymer

Virus Receptor Receptor, Virus Virus Receptors Virus Entry Receptors Entry Receptors, Virus Receptors, Virus Entry Virus Entry Receptor Entry Receptor, Virus Receptor, Virus Entry Viral Entry Receptor Entry Receptor, Viral Receptor, Viral Entry Viral Entry Receptors Entry Receptors, Viral Receptors, Viral Entry Virus Attachment Factors Attachment Factors, Virus Virus Attachment Receptor Attachment Receptor, Virus Receptor, Virus Attachment Virus Attachment Factor Attachment Factor, Virus Virus Attachment Receptors Attachment Receptors, Virus Receptors, Virus Attachment