Purpura, Hyperglobulinemic

Hyperglobulinemisk purpura

Engelsk definition

Purplish or brownish red discoloration of the skin associated with increase in circulating polyclonal globulins, usually GAMMA-GLOBULINS. This syndrome often occurs on the legs of women aged 20 to 40 years.

Svenska synonymer

Waldenströms hyperglobulinemisk purpura

Engelska synonymer

Hyperglobulinemic Purpuras Purpuras, Hyperglobulinemic Waldenstrom Hyperglobulinemic Purpura Hyperglobulinemic Purpura, Waldenstrom Purpura, Waldenstrom Hyperglobulinemic Hyperglobulinemic Purpura of Waldenström Waldenström Hyperglobulinemic Purpura Benign Hyperglobulinemic Purpura of Waldenström Hyperglobulinemic Purpura Hypergammaglobulinemic Purpura of Waldenstrom Waldenstrom Hypergammaglobulinemic Purpura