Polymyalgia Rheumatica

Polymyalgia rheumatica

Svensk definition

Ett syndrom hos äldre som kännetecknas av smärta i leder samt muskler, hög sänka och har invalidiserande förlopp. Allmänna inflammationssymptom förekommer.Kvinnor drabbas dubbelt så ofta som män, vita oftare än andra. Tillståndet är ofta associerat med jättecellsarterit och det finns teorier om gemensam etiologi.

Engelsk definition

A syndrome in the elderly characterized by proximal joint and muscle pain, high erythrocyte sedimentation rate, and a self-limiting course. Pain is usually accompanied by evidence of an inflammatory reaction. Women are affected twice as commonly as men and Caucasians more frequently than other groups. The condition is frequently associated with GIANT CELL ARTERITIS and some theories pose the possibility that the two diseases arise from a single etiology or even that they are the same entity.

Svenska synonymer


Engelska synonymer

Forestier-Certonciny Syndrome Forestier Certonciny Syndrome Syndrome, Forestier-Certonciny Rheumatism, Peri-Extra-Articular Peri-Extra-Articular Rheumatism Rheumatism, Peri Extra Articular Pseudopolyarthritis, Rhizomelic Pseudopolyarthritides, Rhizomelic Rhizomelic Pseudopolyarthritides Rhizomelic Pseudopolyarthritis