Peritoneovenous Shunt

Peritonealvenös shunt

Svensk definition

Ett kirurgiskt ingrepp för kontinuerlig tömning av ascitesvätska till det venösa systemet. Används i behandlingen av motspänstig ascites.

Engelsk definition

An operation for the continuous emptying of ascitic fluid into the venous system. Fluid removal is based on intraperitoneal and intrathoracic superior vena cava pressure differentials and is performed via a pressure-sensitive one-way valve connected to a tube traversing the subcutaneous tissue of the chest wall to the neck where it enters the internal jugular vein and terminates in the superior vena cava. It is used in the treatment of intractable ascites.

Svenska synonymer

Inga svenska synonymer finns.

Engelska synonymer

Peritoneovenous Shunts Shunt, Peritoneovenous Shunts, Peritoneovenous Peritoneo-Venous Shunt Peritoneo Venous Shunt Peritoneo-Venous Shunts Shunt, Peritoneo-Venous Shunts, Peritoneo-Venous Ascites Shunt, Peritoneovenous Ascites Shunts, Peritoneovenous Peritoneovenous Ascites Shunt Peritoneovenous Ascites Shunts Shunt, Peritoneovenous Ascites Shunts, Peritoneovenous Ascites LeVeen Shunt Shunt, LeVeen