Descemet Membrane

Descemets membran

Svensk definition

Det starka, tunna, motståndskraftiga och cellfria fjärde skiktet i hornhinnan, mellan endotelet (varifrån det utsöndras) och stromalagret.

Engelsk definition

A layer of the cornea. It is the basal lamina of the CORNEAL ENDOTHELIUM (from which it is secreted) separating it from the CORNEAL STROMA. It is a homogeneous structure composed of fine collagenous filaments, and slowly increases in thickness with age.

Svenska synonymer

Inga svenska synonymer finns.

Engelska synonymer

Descemet Membranes Membrane, Descemet Membranes, Descemet Lamina Elastica Posterior Elastica Posterior, Lamina Elastica Posteriors, Lamina Lamina Elastica Posteriors Posterior, Lamina Elastica Posteriors, Lamina Elastica Descemet's Membrane Descemets Membrane Membrane, Descemet's