Svensk definition

Tillstånd med ensidig eller dubbelsidig nedsättning av formseendet. Pga defekt i det amblyopidrabbade ögats synfixeringsförmåga är rörelseuppfattningen försämrad.

Engelsk definition

A nonspecific term referring to impaired vision. Major subcategories include stimulus deprivation-induced amblyopia and toxic amblyopia. Stimulus deprivation-induced amblyopia is a developmental disorder of the visual cortex. A discrepancy between visual information received by the visual cortex from each eye results in abnormal cortical development. STRABISMUS and REFRACTIVE ERRORS may cause this condition. Toxic amblyopia is a disorder of the OPTIC NERVE which is associated with ALCOHOLISM, tobacco SMOKING, and other toxins and as an adverse effect of the use of some medications.

Svenska synonymer

Inga svenska synonymer finns.

Engelska synonymer

Amblyopias Lazy Eye Eye, Lazy Eyes, Lazy Lazy Eyes Anisometropic Amblyopia Amblyopia, Anisometropic Amblyopias, Anisometropic Anisometropic Amblyopias Amblyopia, Developmental Amblyopias, Developmental Developmental Amblyopia Developmental Amblyopias Amblyopia, Suppression Amblyopias, Suppression Suppression Amblyopia Suppression Amblyopias Stimulus Deprivation-Induced Amblyopia Stimulus Deprivation Induced Amblyopia Amblyopia, Stimulus Deprivation-Induced Amblyopia, Stimulus Deprivation Induced Amblyopias, Stimulus Deprivation-Induced Deprivation-Induced Amblyopia, Stimulus Deprivation-Induced Amblyopias, Stimulus Stimulus Deprivation-Induced Amblyopias