Engelsk definition

A finding of elevated serum level of FERRITIN. It is often associated with IRON OVERLOAD, repeated blood transfusions, malignancy, iron metabolic syndromes, virus infection, liver injury or dysfunction, and renal failure. Hyperferritinemia in iron metabolic syndromes (e.g., Still's diseases, and HEMOPHAGOCYTIC SYNDROME) is referred to as dysmetabolic hyperferritinemia.

Svenska synonymer

Dysmetabolt järnöverskott Ultrahyperferritinemi Förhöjt serumferritin

Engelska synonymer

Hyperferritinemias Raised Serum Ferritin Serum Ferritin, Raised Elevated Serum Ferritin Serum Ferritin, Elevated Ultrahyperferritinemia Ultrahyperferritinemias Dysmetabolic Hyperferritinemia Hyperferritinemia, Dysmetabolic