Engelsk definition

A chronic, fungal, subcutaneous infection endemic in rural regions in South America and Central America. The causal organism is Lacazia labol.

Svenska synonymer

Inga svenska synonymer finns.

Engelska synonymer

Lobomycoses Lacaziosis Lacazioses Jorge Lobo's Disease Disease, Jorge Lobo's Jorge Lobos Disease Keloidal Blastomycosis Blastomycoses, Keloidal Blastomycosis, Keloidal Keloidal Blastomycoses Lacazia loboi Infection Infection, Lacazia loboi Lacazia loboi Infections Jorge Lobo Disease Disease, Jorge Lobo Lobomycosis-like Disease Disease, Lobomycosis-like Lobomycosis like Disease Lobomycosis-like Diseases Lacaziosis-like Disease Disease, Lacaziosis-like Lacaziosis like Disease Lacaziosis-like Diseases