Administration, Mucosal

Läkemedelstillförsel genom slemhinnan

Engelsk definition

Delivery of a drug or other substance into the body through the epithelium lining of MUCOUS MEMBRANE involved with absorption and secretion.

Svenska synonymer

Läkemedelsadministrering genom slemhinnan Transmukosal medicinering Transmukosal administreringsvägar Transmukosal läkemedelstillförsel

Engelska synonymer

Administrations, Mucosal Mucosal Administrations Mucosal Administration Transmucosal Administration Administration, Transmucosal Administrations, Transmucosal Transmucosal Administrations Transmucosal Routing Routing, Transmucosal Routings, Transmucosal Transmucosal Routings Transmucosal Administration Routes Administration Route, Transmucosal Administration Routes, Transmucosal Route, Transmucosal Administration Routes, Transmucosal Administration Transmucosal Administration Route