Pseudobulbar Palsy

Pseudobulbär pares

Engelsk definition

A syndrome characterized by DYSARTHRIA, dysphagia, dysphonia, impairment of voluntary movements of tongue and facial muscles, and emotional lability. This condition is caused by diseases that affect the motor fibers that travel from the cerebral cortex to the lower BRAIN STEM (i.e., corticobulbar tracts); including MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS; MOTOR NEURON DISEASE; and CEREBROVASCULAR DISORDERS. (From Adams et al., Principles of Neurology, 6th ed, p489)

Svenska synonymer

Spastisk bulbär pares Pseudobulbär dysartri

Engelska synonymer

Palsies, Pseudobulbar Palsy, Pseudobulbar Pseudobulbar Palsies Spastic Bulbar Palsy Bulbar Palsies, Spastic Bulbar Palsy, Spastic Palsies, Spastic Bulbar Palsy, Spastic Bulbar Spastic Bulbar Palsies Pseudobulbar Paresis Pareses, Pseudobulbar Paresis, Pseudobulbar Pseudobulbar Pareses Pseudobulbar Syndrome Pseudobulbar Syndromes Syndrome, Pseudobulbar Syndromes, Pseudobulbar Paralysis, Pseudobulbar Paralyses, Pseudobulbar Pseudobulbar Paralyses Pseudobulbar Paralysis Pseudobulbar Mutism Mutism, Pseudobulbar Mutisms, Pseudobulbar Pseudobulbar Mutisms Dysarthria, Pseudobulbar Dysarthrias, Pseudobulbar Pseudobulbar Dysarthria Pseudobulbar Dysarthrias