Engelsk definition

The inability to recognize a familiar face or to learn to recognize new faces. This visual agnosia is most often associated with lesions involving the junctional regions between the temporal and occipital lobes. The majority of cases are associated with bilateral lesions, however unilateral damage to the right occipito-temporal cortex has also been associated with this condition. (From Cortex 1995 Jun;31(2):317-29)

Svenska synonymer


Engelska synonymer

Prosopagnosias Facial Recognition Agnosia Agnosia, Facial Recognition Agnosias, Facial Recognition Facial Recognition Agnosias Recognition Agnosia, Facial Recognition Agnosias, Facial Agnosia for Faces Agnosia for Face Prosopagnosia, Developmental Developmental Prosopagnosia Developmental Prosopagnosias Prosopagnosias, Developmental Prosopagnosia, Acquired Acquired Prosopagnosia Acquired Prosopagnosias Prosopagnosias, Acquired