Receptors, Neurotransmitter


Engelsk definition

Cell surface receptors that bind signalling molecules released by neurons and convert these signals into intracellular changes influencing the behavior of cells. Neurotransmitter is used here in its most general sense, including not only messengers that act to regulate ion channels, but also those which act on second messenger systems and those which may act at a distance from their release sites. Included are receptors for neuromodulators, neuroregulators, neuromediators, and neurohumors, whether or not located at synapses.

Svenska synonymer

Receptorer, neurotransmittor Signalsubstansreceptorer Transmittorsubstansreceptorer Synapsreceptorer

Engelska synonymer

Neurotransmitter Receptors Neuromediator Receptor Receptor, Neuromediator Neuromediator Receptors Receptors, Neuromediator Neuroregulator Receptor Receptor, Neuroregulator Receptors, Neurotransmitters Neurotransmitters Receptors Neurotransmitter Receptor Receptor, Neurotransmitter Receptors, Neurohumor Receptors, Neuromediators Neuromediators Receptors Receptors, Neuroregulators Neuroregulators Receptors Neurohumor Receptors Neuroregulator Receptors Receptors, Neuroregulator Synaptic Receptors Receptors, Synaptic Neuromodulator Receptor Receptor, Neuromodulator Receptors, Neuromodulators Neuromodulators Receptors Neuromodulator Receptors Receptors, Neuromodulator