Ampulla of Vater

Ampulla vateri

Engelsk definition

A dilation of the duodenal papilla that is the opening of the juncture of the COMMON BILE DUCT and the MAIN PANCREATIC DUCT, also known as the hepatopancreatic ampulla.

Svenska synonymer

Hepatopankreatisk ampulla Papilla duodeni major

Engelska synonymer

Vater Ampulla Hepatopancreatic Ampulla Ampulla, Hepatopancreatic Ampullas, Hepatopancreatic Hepatopancreatic Ampullas Vater's Ampulla Ampulla, Vater's Vaters Ampulla Duodenal Papilla, Major Major Duodenal Papilla Greater Duodenal Papilla Duodenal Papilla, Greater Duodenal Papillas, Greater Greater Duodenal Papillas