Trypanosomiasis, African

Afrikansk trypanosomiasis

Engelsk definition

A disease endemic among people and animals in Central Africa. It is caused by various species of trypanosomes, particularly T. gambiense and T. rhodesiense. Its second host is the TSETSE FLY. Involvement of the central nervous system produces "African sleeping sickness." Nagana is a rapidly fatal trypanosomiasis of horses and other animals.

Svenska synonymer

Afrikansk sömnsjuka Nagana Trypanosomiasis africana

Engelska synonymer

African Trypanosomiases Trypanosomiases, African African Trypanosomiasis African Sleeping Sickness African Sleeping Sicknesses Sickness, African Sleeping Sicknesses, African Sleeping Sleeping Sickness, African Sleeping Sicknesses, African Nagana