Spinal Cord


Engelsk definition

A cylindrical column of tissue that lies within the vertebral canal. It is composed of WHITE MATTER and GRAY MATTER.

Svenska synonymer

Medulla spinalis

Engelska synonymer

Cord, Spinal Cords, Spinal Spinal Cords Medulla Spinalis Medulla Spinali Spinali, Medulla Spinalis, Medulla Myelon Myelons Coccygeal Cord Coccygeal Cords Cord, Coccygeal Cords, Coccygeal Conus Medullaris Conus Medullari Medullari, Conus Medullaris, Conus Conus Terminalis Conus Terminali Terminali, Conus Terminalis, Conus Thoracic Cord Cord, Thoracic Cords, Thoracic Thoracic Cords Lumbar Cord Cord, Lumbar Cords, Lumbar Lumbar Cords Sacral Cord Cord, Sacral Cords, Sacral Sacral Cords