Receptors, Thyroid Hormone


Engelsk definition

Specific high affinity binding proteins for THYROID HORMONES in target cells. They are usually found in the nucleus and regulate DNA transcription. These receptors are activated by hormones that leads to transcription, cell differentiation, and growth suppression. Thyroid hormone receptors are encoded by two genes (GENES, ERBA): erbA-alpha and erbA-beta for alpha and beta thyroid hormone receptors, respectively.

Svenska synonymer

Tyreoideahormonreceptorer T3 receptorer Trijodtyroninreceptorer Tyroxinreceptor

Engelska synonymer

Thyroid Hormone Receptors Thyroid Hormone Receptor Receptors, Triiodothyronine T3 Receptor T3 Receptors Triiodothyronine Receptors Receptors, T3 Receptors, Thyroxine T4 Receptors Receptors, T4 T4 Receptor Thyroxine Receptor Thyroxine Receptors Receptors, Diiodotyrosine Diiodotyrosine Receptors Receptors, DIT DIT Receptors Diiodotyrosine Receptor Receptors, Monoiodotyrosine Monoiodotyrosine Receptors MIT Receptors Receptors, MIT