Cochlear Duct


Svensk definition

Spiralformad tub i öronsnäckbenets kanal, liggande på yttre väggen, mellan förrumstrappan och trumhåletrappan. Syn. ductus cochlearis.

Engelsk definition

A spiral tube that is firmly suspended in the bony shell-shaped part of the cochlea. This ENDOLYMPH-filled cochlear duct begins at the vestibule and makes 2.5 turns around a core of spongy bone (the modiolus) thus dividing the PERILYMPH-filled spiral canal into two channels, the SCALA VESTIBULI and the SCALA TYMPANI.

Svenska synonymer

Ductus cochlearis

Engelska synonymer

Cochlear Ducts Duct, Cochlear Ducts, Cochlear Scala Media Media, Scala Medias, Scala Scala Medias Ductus Cochlearis Cochlearis, Ductus