Iridocorneal Endothelial Syndrome

Iridokornealt endotelsyndrom

Engelsk definition

A grouping of three closely linked conditions: iris nevus (or Cogan-Reese) syndrome, Chandler Syndrome, and essential (progressive) iris atrophy. The most common features of this syndrome are the movement of endothelial cells off the cornea onto the iris leading to corneal swelling, distortion of the iris, and variable degrees of distortion of the pupil. The abnormal cell movement plugs fluid outflow channels of the eye causing GLAUCOMA.

Svenska synonymer

Chandlers syndrom Irisatrofi med hornhinneödem och glaukom

Engelska synonymer

Endothelial Syndrome, Iridocorneal Iridocorneal Endothelial Syndromes ICE Syndrome Chandler Syndrome Iris Atrophy with Corneal Edema and Glaucoma Chandler's Syndrome Chandlers Syndrome