RNA Precursors


Engelsk definition

RNA transcripts of the DNA that are in some unfinished stage of post-transcriptional processing (RNA PROCESSING, POST-TRANSCRIPTIONAL) required for function. RNA precursors may undergo several steps of RNA SPLICING during which the phosphodiester bonds at exon-intron boundaries are cleaved and the introns are excised. Consequently a new bond is formed between the ends of the exons. Resulting mature RNAs can then be used; for example, mature mRNA (RNA, MESSENGER) is used as a template for protein production.

Svenska synonymer

Inga svenska synonymer finns.

Engelska synonymer

Precursors, RNA RNA Precursor Precursor, RNA Precursor RNA RNA, Precursor RNA, Transfer, Precursors tRNA Precursor Precursor, tRNA Pre-tRNA Pre tRNA RNA, Ribosomal, Precursors rRNA Precursor Precursor, rRNA Pre-rRNA Pre rRNA RNA, Small Nuclear, Precursors Pre-snRNA Pre snRNA snRNA Precursor Precursor, snRNA Primary RNA Transcript RNA Transcript, Primary Transcript, Primary RNA Primary Transcript, RNA RNA Primary Transcript Transcript, RNA Primary RNA, Messenger, Precursors Pre-mRNA Pre mRNA mRNA Precursor Precursor, mRNA