Retinal Pigments


Engelsk definition

Photosensitive protein complexes of varied light absorption properties which are expressed in the PHOTORECEPTOR CELLS. They are OPSINS conjugated with VITAMIN A-based chromophores. Chromophores capture photons of light, leading to the activation of opsins and a biochemical cascade that ultimately excites the photoreceptor cells.

Svenska synonymer

Retinala pigment Synpigment

Engelska synonymer

Pigments, Retinal Visual Pigments Pigments, Visual Retinal Pigment Pigment, Retinal Retinal Photoreceptor Pigment Photoreceptor Pigment, Retinal Pigment, Retinal Photoreceptor Retinal Photoreceptor Pigments Photoreceptor Pigments, Retinal Pigments, Retinal Photoreceptor Visual Pigment Pigment, Visual