Euthyroid Sick Syndromes

Euthyroid-sick syndromes

Svensk definition

Förändringar i produktionen av tyreoidea- och sköldkörtelstimulerande hormoner, vilket ofta liknar hypotyreos, hos eutyroida patienter med andra sjukdomar, som t ex diabetes mellitus eller skrumplever.

Engelsk definition

Conditions of abnormal THYROID HORMONES release in patients with apparently normal THYROID GLAND during severe systemic illness, physical TRAUMA, and psychiatric disturbances. It can be caused by the loss of endogenous hypothalamic input or by exogenous drug effects. The most common abnormality results in low T3 THYROID HORMONE with progressive decrease in THYROXINE; (T4) and TSH. Elevated T4 with normal T3 may be seen in diseases in which THYROXINE-BINDING GLOBULIN synthesis and release are increased.

Svenska synonymer

Inga svenska synonymer finns.

Engelska synonymer

Euthyroid Sick Syndrome Sick Euthyroid Syndrome Syndrome, Sick Euthyroid Non-Thyroidal Illness Syndrome Non Thyroidal Illness Syndrome Syndrome, Non-Thyroidal Illness Syndromes, Non-Thyroidal Illness Low T3-Low T4 Syndrome Low T3 Low T4 Syndrome Low T3 and Low T4 Syndrome Low T3-High T4 Syndrome Low T3 High T4 Syndrome High T4 Syndrome High T4 Syndromes Low T3 Syndrome