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MeSH Tree Location(s) for Metabolic Phenomena

Scope Note:
The CHEMICAL PROCESSES that occur within the cells, tissues, or an organism and related temporal, spatial, qualitative, and quantitative concepts.

Location corresponding to Mesh Number G03

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Metabolic Phenomena   Metaboliska fenomen
Acid-Base Equilibrium   Syra-bas-jämvikt
Body Composition+   Kroppssammansättning
Brain Chemistry   Hjärnkemi
Metabolic Clearance Rate   Metabol clearance-hastighet
Metabolism+   Ämnesomsättning
Metabolome   Metabolom
Metabolisk profil
Osmoregulation+   Osmoreglering
Osmotisk stressrespons
Oxygen Consumption+   Syrgasförbrukning
Pharmacokinetics+   Farmakokinetik
Toxicokinetics   Toxikokinetik

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