Obtaining a License for the Swedish MeSH

If you need a copy of the Swedish MeSH translation, you may obtain a licence via the NLM or KIB.

The version distributed by the NLM is included in the Unified Medical Language System, UMLS. The UMLS files are provided free of charge, subject to a licence agreement. For more information, please see


The version provided by KIB is available against a fee of 2500 sek (plus VAT, when applicable). As a licence holder, you are entitled to a copy of the tables that the interface is based upon. If on a later occasion you need an update of the tables, a new licence is required. The licence fee covers the handling involved in shipping the necessary files.

The MeSH vocabulary is produced by NLM (the National Library of Medicine). Any use of the MeSH® is subject to the restrictions mentioned in the Memorandum of understanding issued by the NLM.

The Swedish translation is covered in three tables:

  • A table with the English MeSH terms and their Swedish translations
  • A table with alternate forms of the Swedish terms
  • A table with explanations (roughly corresponding to the English scope notes) in Swedish.
Together, these tables form a normalized database. Please note that the translation is not complete.

The tables above can be delivered as tab separated text files. If required, KIB may also ship the other tables included in the MeSH database. These tables are not part of the translation, but they include data such as MeSH numbers, which may be needed when building an application based on the MeSH.

For a licence, please contact Ylva Gavel.

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