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Molecular products metabolized and secreted by neoplastic tissue and characterized biochemically in cells or body fluids. They are indicators of tumor stage and grade as well as useful for monitoring responses to treatment and predicting recurrence. Many chemical groups are represented including hormones, antigens, amino and nucleic acids, enzymes, polyamines, and specific cell membrane proteins and lipids.

Location corresponding to Mesh Number D23.101.840

Biological Markers  Biologiska markörer
Tumor Markers, Biological   Tumörmarkörer, biologiska
Biologiska tumörmarkörer
alpha-Fetoproteins   Alfafetoproteiner
Antigens, CD30   CD30-antigener
Antigener, CD30
Antigens, Tumor-Associated, Carbohydrate+   Kolhydratantigener, tumörassocierade
Carcinoembryonic Antigen   Karcinoembryonalt antigen
Chorionic Gonadotropin, beta Subunit, Human   Humant koriongonadotropin, beta-subenhet
Hormones, Ectopic   Hormoner, ektopiska
Ki-67 Antigen   Ki-67-antigen
Mammaglobin A   Mammaglobin A
Nephroblastoma Overexpressed Protein   Nefroblastomprotein, överuttryckt
Neprilysin   Neprilysin
Normetanephrine   Normetanefrin
Proliferating Cell Nuclear Antigen   Prolifererande cellkärneantigen
Prostate-Specific Antigen   Prostataspecifikt antigen
Receptor, ErbB-2   ErbB-2-receptor
Receptor, erbB-2
Receptor, ErbB-3   ErbB-3-receptor
receptor, erbB-3
Receptor, ErbB-4  
Receptor, erbB-4
Synaptophysin   Synaptofysin
Tissue Kallikreins   Vävnadskallikreiner
Tissue Polypeptide Antigen   Vävnadspeptidantigen

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